i Mucus and skin inflammation

We are drowning in mud….

It is raining in Denmark .... Every day. And it has done so for a long time.

In fact, all of autumn and winter. The ground was saturated with water long ago, and there are new pools and mud everywhere.

The water poses a whole lot of new challenges in the keeping of our horses. Problems that we are not used to handle.

When I drive around the country, it is the same sight that meets me everywhere. Flooded fields, paddocks where not an honest blade of grass remains, but full of mud. And horses that stand in mud to the middle of the pipes. They don't move that much. Even air folds are full of…

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i Airways

Dynamic Endoscopy

Disorder in the upper and lower respiratory tract is one of the main reasons for reduced ability to perform among our riding horses today.

This Category clearly overtakes the category of lameness!

Through many years we have performed endoscopic examinations of the horses while resting. Today, it has been proved that it is during work/in motion that the horse has a problem.

Now we can get even closer to observe what happens in the horse's respiratory tract when in motion.

This is done with a so-called fiberscope, which is a long tube with a light and a camera at the tip.

How is this done?

The fiberscope is passed up through the horse's nasal cavity and up into the throat, where several disorders can be diagnosed. …

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i Feed

Feeding my horse…

Feeding my horse...and then what?

The horse's digestive system is built to create problems the way we keep horses today!

Actually, I’m surprised that it turns out well as often as it really does.

The supply of fodder for our horses is plentiful. One product smells better than the other and compete with our own breakfast; muesli in being alluring. Served under the slogan 'You will probably do what is best for your horse', all kinds of feed and supplementary products are sold wrapped in delicious packaging with a picture of a nice horse on the outside! We love it and…

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The road from foal to riding horse...

Vær god mod din hest

The road from foal to riding horse……it hasn't become easier.

It is time for thoughtfulness. Where is our riding horse breeding heading today?

There is always genetic improvement from one generation to the next. This applies to humans as well as animals. This, combined with the selection of good genes from stallion and mare, provides considerable improvement.

However, are we really able to keep up with the huge breeding improvement, and is it always appropriate?


More wants more, and we become increasingly greedy

Our breeding today is about making horses for the absolute top elite. We want to hit the 'golden age'...

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